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10 facts about female sexual desire

Posted by Styling Souls Blog Administrator on September 28, 2010 at 1:30 PM

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Dec 25,2007 1. Having libido means being happy. It?s difficult to imagine that in the beginning of last century sexual desire considered amoral and forbidden and 1/3 women had no attraction to their husbands. This situation lasted until ?sexual revolution? which won finally and for ever in the middle of last century. People started speaking about sex; women knew about such words, as ?libido? and ?sex appeal? and finally understood that ?carnal pleasure? is not amoral. Now 75% of fair sex happy makes sex regularly and receive pleasure of it. You know, per se, libido is sexual energy. The more energy we have, the happier our life is. We are full of powers and optimism, lucky and successful, we can move mountains and make much more.

2. Desire is inherited. English scientists have been researching twins? sexuality for several years and made interesting discovery. Regardless of the fact that everything can affect libido (alcohol and nicotine addiction, quantity and quality of sexual acts and other factors), power of desire is inherited and laid in a mother?s womb. That?s why passionate southerner families have low chances to give birth to a girl with The Snow Queen?s temperament.

3. Brain is a center of sexuality. Female sexual hormone estrogen is also very important for a degree of sexual desire. To provoke ?pleasant languor?, it should come to a certain part of hypothalamus. Otherwise, firstly, a woman can become indifferent to sex, and secondly, - start showing heightened aggression towards men. So, it turns out that even if the level of estrogens in blood is normal, but brain cannot identify them, libido will be equal to zero. This discovery will help doctors finding a new approach to female sexual dysfunction treatment.

4. Soy kills libido slowly. Nowadays including soy foods in menu is very popular. ?They rejuvenate organism!? ? healthy food worshippers exclaim. Yes, soy is rich in unique flavonoids resembling female sexual hormones in their action. Coming to organism, they supplement lack of estrogens, making skin elastic, hair ? shining and strong, figure ? slim. However, there is one minus. It turns out, phyto hormones change sexual endocrine system work and lower libido on 70-80%. So you should not eat soy for breakfast, lunch and dinner hoping for eternal youth. Three times a week are enough.

5. Lowered sex degree is dangerous for woman?s health. Firstly, frigidity, and, as a result, lack of sex and orgasm, lead to infectious and inflammatory diseases of genitals. And secondly, sexually unsatisfied women are trying to cure neuroses, depression and apathy for years.

6. There always will be reasons for coolness. And in 99% of cases ?frigidity? has no effect on it. Following factors affect libido:

- stresses and stereotypes. Life in megapolis, nervous work, family problems, unsuccessful first sexual experience, lack of understanding with a partner and diffidence ? are reasons of low desire. Quantity of sexual energy also depends on money. Even thoughts of poor material situation provoke serious libido fall. Until money is a general leitmotif of your thoughts, doctors warn, you cannot even dream about increase of sexual potential.

- gynecological problems. Doctors say women with low libido cannot be absolutely healthy. They have at least a couple of female disorders, which need urgent treatment. Pelvic inflammations or tumors, commissures, ovarian dysfunction, venereal diseases, urinary infection? All this can affect perceptibility of intimate areas and even turn sex into a painful process;

- Age. Firstly, after 45, level of testosterone lowers in a woman?s blood. Secondly, age changes cause dryness of vagina mucosa, which normal degree of moisture affects libido directly.

- Hormonal contraceptives, anti-depressants, childbirth and breastfeeding inhibit testosterone production, which is necessary for libido.

- Anorgasmy. Excitation not leading to disengagement forms stable sexual frustration and libido lowering.

7. Searching for female Viagra. Alas, there are no female medications, resembling man?s Viagra. Medical concerns spend millions dollars on such pills development. Canadian scientists state that soon this will be reached. Synthetic hormone of desire Alpha-MSH is absolutely identical to its biological analogue. ?Coming to a pituitary membrane, it affects brain and increase sexual excitation?, - scientists explain and promise that in 3 years drugstores will be filled with nasal sprays and plasters, increasing female libido. In England you already can buy a special plaster. It has a pleasant scent stimulating production of endorphins which, in their turn, charge female libido.

8. Libido is subjected to vibrations. Even happy couples? sexual life can have light coolness. And this is normal. The main is to prevent ice age. To stimulate libido, you can flirt ? ?non-invasive sex? excites, makes blood up. Try the power of erotic massage ? it tones up nervous system, increases level of testosterone and accordingly libido. Scented oils-aphrodisiacs for men will help you: sandal, jasmine, lemon. Play erotic games with your partner, search new erogenous zones on your bodies, in one word, do everything to receive pleasure. Believe, your lover will be happy. Psychologists consider satisfied woman raises her man?s self-esteem.

9. You can feed sexuality. You will not need oysters with champagne or strawberry with cream ? these famous aphrodisiacs are good only for erotic dinner. Sexologists advise to include useful changes in your daily allowance. To increase libido, stake on vegetables, herbs (especially celery, parsley, fennel), fruits, rice, macaroni and dry red wine (no more than one glass!). Reduce other alcohol drinks and sweets. Such diet will help keeping your hormonal mirror in order and harmony. Naturopaths consider apiotherapy, i.e. honey treatment, is the best method for sexual restoration! 2-3 tea spoons of honey per day ? and your desire will be restored.

10. The more often, the better. If you do not want to forget how to desire, you need to make sex regularly, doctors say. Nothing stimulates female libido like constant practice, at least twice a week. However, if you do not have a man, you still should not forget about your sexuality.

Following factors cam kill female sexual desire:

- A partner?s insolvency, his stinginess and avidity;

- A man?s state of intoxication;

- His carelessness and tactlessness;

- Sweat and overweight.

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