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Outline for building sexual energy

Posted by Styling Souls Blog Administrator on September 28, 2010 at 1:32 PM

Building Sexual Energy With Your Partner Through Simple Tantric Practices


Outline written by ChristieLaValley


Tantric Means: Transformation of Energy


3 MainFacts:          1.Men should not always ejaculate. This is "congenital Chi/ Jing."

                                    Men  have a limited  supply and it cannot be replaced.

                                2. Learn to breathe together. 

                                3. Learn to view lovemaking as a shared meditative state.


Important facts

a.      Bring additional sexual energy up to other Chakras.


b.     We are energy beings Water conducts energy-always make sure you are well

         lubed.  Massage is a great way for couples to ensure proper lubrication.


c.      Circulate breathing through your Chakras and your partner's chakras.  Pay

         special attention to your heart and your partner's heart.


d.     Not ejaculating helps in 3 ways.

         1.      Not losing vital energy/jing (essence)

         2.      Strengthen and tones from muscular exercise.

         3.      Vital energy is being aroused and since it is not being discharged

                   it can circulate  and  be re-absorbed through the body with you

                   and your partners breathing. It can be vital  in healing.


e.     Women lose jing during menstration- Excessive blood loss is damaging. 

          Help her build her energy with breathing.


f.       Impotence is considered loss of too much jing.

         Taoist cure-  Have sex for 10 days with the samewomen/energy without

         ejaculation. Relax without expectations of performance and feel the

         experience.  Women should be on top.


g.      Prostate Health- We are now living longer and we have more casual sex.

          We as westerners believe ejaculation must occur during orgasms resulting

           in less jing and depleted energy.  Western doctors encourage more

           ejaculation as eastern  medicine  encourage  less.  Who is correct?



Information gathered from:  Excerpt from Subtle Energy:Awakening to the Unseen Forces in Our Lives by William Collinge, Ph.D., Warner Books, Inc.,1998  





The Following two articles are where this information comes from and should help you understand why having good energy is so important to our lifes including our sex lifes.



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