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Posted by Angie Content, LMT on October 24, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Most of the client that I see have primary complaint of neck and back stiffness and soreness.

The general public suffers from these same ailments. Major causes are stress, poor body mechanics, poor posture and lack of proper stretching. In turn this could lead to chronic headaches, fatigue, impairs your mental alterness, high blood pressure, and more susibility to physical injuries and sickness. Trigger points are sometimes the culprit that causes such pain.

Trigger points are hypertonic(extremely tight area) or a knot in a muscle fiber which also can be found in tendons and ligaments. Symptoms are pain that travel to other area's of the body when the muscle is manipulated or palpated. Example is while having your neck is massaged, you feel pain up into the ear, head, jaw or down arm. This kind of trigger point is a latent trigger point.  This kind of pain goes un-noticed unless pressure is applied to muscle. Another name for this is Refered Pain Phenomina.

Common area's that are typical for having Trigger Points are; the neck, pectoral muscles, and upper back.  Although this can occur in any part of the body muscle tissue.

How to treat trigger point/referred pain.

Incorporating heat/ice into massage treatment such as hot and cold stones(fire and Ice)

Acupressure(sustained pressure- held pressure applied to area for a 3-7 second time frame) This technique relieves pain and discomfort within that time frame.

Friction (rubbing on surface over another)

Deep tissue glide (slow, deep, controlled glides usually perfomed along the muscle.

Positional release (positioning area to create a curve with light pressure held for 5-10 seconds. Example put head in lateral position at the point where pain is creating a curve at the pain site with light pressure and held)

Stretch (elongation of muscle)

Massage Therapy is a wonderful alternative tool to help treat a lot of ailments. It's cost effective, you will tend to take less pain killers that often times are harmful to your internal organs, cost effective, and beneficial to you mind, body, soul and well being.

Angie Content, LMT


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