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11:11 and other triple digits.

Posted by Styling Souls Blog Administrator on February 6, 2011 at 11:21 PM

Have you seen triple or more digits on clocks, addresses,your odometer or other digital objects? If you have it is believed that you are getting a wake-up call to becomewho you really are and to do your life’s purpose. 

This happened to me about 5 years ago.  All of a sudden, I was seeing  11:11 on the clock all the time.  When I went to the store I would get a totalowed of $3.33 and change of $2.22.  I wasseeing triple digits everywhere.  I wasso taken back one day by the amount of triple digits I was seeing andespecially the 11:11, that I mentioned it to my children.   The children told me it meant to make awish.  I asked them where they got thatinformation.  They told me everyone knewit and I could find it on the internet.  So I decided to go look up the answer. I love the internet for its research purposes.   

I do not remember exactly where I found some of theinformation I am going to share with you, because it was five years ago that Ilooked it up. However, I was asked by this sweet girl Stephanie who I met theother day to share what I have learned from both the internet and personalexperience.  Weirdly, she had just gottenback from meeting the Mayans.  It willmake since later.

So I typed in 11:11 on the computer.  Many websites came up, but the one I reallyliked was  I still rememberthat site and visit it from time to time.   Not to quote them, since I am writing thisfrom memory, but  11 is a master number,when seen together it is  a DNA reminderof who you are and reminds you of your psychic awareness.  I do not remember if it was this site thatsaid it is your wake up call to be a light worker and  help bring others to connection with thelight.  Not the light they speak of whenwe die, but the light of knowledge.   Theknowledge being:  the awareness  of the energies within us and around us and  new way of communicating with our world andour higher power through higher consciousness.

 This new consciousnessis to take place in the year 2012 on December 12 at 11:11.  Being a little bit of a skeptic and notoverly trusting of all self proclaimed prophets or mystics, I did not know whatto think.  I have always believed thereis more out there than meets the eye.  Ihave always been a search of faith.  Ihave visited many churches, read many books, studied history of religion andbeliefs just to come to my own view of faith. But without proof I always wondered if these people were charlatans,  manipulating  others to achieve power or fame.  Something I had seen many times in myresearch, especially when some of the dogmas of religion go so against thegrain of human nature.

Somewhere in my research I came across these definitions of tripledigits in the following chart.  I haveused them to help me pay attention to the synchronicities that  I have experienced in my life since becomingaware of triple digits.

Three or more same number equals  energy flow of enhancing alevel.

11:11- a new beginning, water money ,sex, kundalini,  magnetic

222-Middle of Resurrection, Process of ascension

333- Decision time. Make a choice between 666(material) or 999(spiritual)

444 Resurrection

555 Christ consciousness

666 material

777- integration of lower levels with higher spiritualfrequency.

888- Infinity, physical merging with spiritual, movingtoward completion.

999- Completion, Spiritual

000- Great void, null zone, Switch to new energy.

12:12- Comic connection. Not a time a destination. You are rightwhere you should be.


I did try to find my source for this chart I have used foryears.  The closest I can was to ; This site speaks more in layman’s terms.  You will probably find it useful.

The way to use this chart is when you see one of thesenumbers, you take a breath and look around. You stop,  you think andappreciate your first thought.  You lookfor your synchronicity.   In doing this,many wonderful experiences have come my way. Answers to questions, proof that there is magic in numbers and in theworld.  That communication is not alwayswords spoken or written.  That there isenergy all around us and it speaks to you if you listen.  It will give you the answers you need.  It will take you on new paths. You just haveto pay attention.

I will give you one example before I conclude thistestimonial of numbers working to build our lives our universe and if you payattention how they can work for you.

One night and old friend was having what he thought was aheart attack.  However, he rememberedthat I had recently gone through a bout of anxiety that I had also thought wasa heart attack.  He was at home with hiswife and they were both very concerned about his current state.  They called and asked me what to do and whatthe symptoms were.  I explained the bestI could, but just to be sure since my friend tends to smoke a little too much,I suggested he go the hospital to make sure it was not a heart attack.  He asked me to come to the hospital with himand his wife.  I felt a littlestrange.  I was not sure how his wifewould feel about me going.  She hadalways been a little weird about her husband and I’s friendship. 

  I got in my car andput the key in the ignition, at the same time I asked my self and my God if Iwas doing the right thing going?  Iturned the car on.   It did the strangestthing and lost all power.  No lights nonothing.  So I turned the key back tooff.  When I did everything came backon.    When you lose power in a clock,what time shows up on the clock?  Most clocksgo back to 12:00 if I am correct.  Myclock in the car was 12:12. (A Comic connection, not a time a destination. Youare right where you should be).   My Godhad spoken to me.  I was in the car onthe way to my friend.  I had adestination to be right where I should be. I never questioned triple digits again. Now, I stop, I look, I listen, Ipay attention to my synchronicities.   I am thankful for the help.   MyGod, my angels, my deceased loved ones now all can speak to me for I slow downwhen I see these numbers.    Since then I have become a Reiki Master,using the energies to help other become balanced enough to see these energiesthemselves.  Originally, I became a ReikiPractitioner by accident.  I substitutedfor an absent teacher.  Her class wasReiki I.   Or was it an accident?  I think not. And to go a step further , I found myself an ordain Minister of theUniversal Life Church.  My faith beingthere is truth in all faiths.

Lastly, I made some tough changes recently concerning mybusiness.  I love being a business owner,but I want to have more time.  I decideto close my physical location  to try torent a booth somewhere a couple day a week. This would give me more time to do some of the things being a businessowner does not allow you to do like spending time with your family, writing andgoing back to school.  I did not want togive up what I do.  I love doinghair.  I just wanted more time for all mypassions.  The changes were to take placeon 1/10/11.

 Strangely, the newtenant of the space wanted to hurry things.  My business changes happened on 1/1/11 andthat very day my  car’s odometer  read  111,111.  1/11/11 was a new beginning for me, and oddlyenough I got all my wishes.  I am still abusiness owner, in the same space but, I now rent part time from the newtenant, my friend and former massage therapist. I still get to see my customers, but now I get to see my family, myfriends, build a life in my new home town. I get to write and learn.  I gotmy new beginning with a big synchronicity. Thank you!


Christie LaValley


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